As someone who has always been keen on health and nutrition, Ayurveda was the discovery of a lifetime!

My own health conditions were, undoubtedly, resolved thanks to Ayurveda and I believe yours can be too.

Meet Me, Melanie Sprinks

Growing up, I suffered terribly with monthly migraines, sickness and terrible stomach cramps. This went on for over two decades. Now, I no longer suffer and can help you too, without the need for pills and painkillers.

My studies have also taught me so much about nutrition and how I have been able to successfully remedy some uncomfortable digestive conditions which are often vaguely referred to as IBS. This led me to an opportunity to give a talk at the QEQM hospital in Margate and to share my findings with the medical staff as part of their CPD.

Patients have seen me for issues such as acid reflux, arthritis, digestive issues, UTI, and for poor dietary choices among others. If you suffer from any of these, but want to learn how to eliminate the symptoms for long-term good health then Ayurveda is for you!

I enjoy sharing my experience as part of workshops with yoga teachers so look out for them on my social pages, along with my other posts.


Melanie Sprinks

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