Nutrition and wellness: Do you want to protect yourself from ill health? Eat yourself well!

We spend much of our time out of balance and often learn how to cope with the symptoms and manage discomfort and pain for many years, if not our entire lives. Ayurveda is an ancient science and medicinal system that treats the causes of all illnesses and diseases in order to restore and maintain good health through correct lifestyle practices and, more importantly, the right nutrition to prevent aggravation of the symptoms. 

When they say ‘you are what you eat’ they are right! At the heart of our imbalances and diseases lies incorrect nutrition and digestion. Once the symptoms are alleviated, good health can be restored. 

Ayurveda treats all types of issues from migraine, insomnia, eating disorders and eczema to acid reflux, depression, muscular pains and arthritis and many more. With seemingly minor adjustments to our diet, we can encourage the digestive system to flush out toxins that have built up over time. 

Recipes to suit all doshas!

Despite our physical make-up, each and every body responds differently to the food we eat. This is for a variety of reasons including our dosha (constitution), genes, origins, the season and climate of the country or continent in which we live.

The digestive process cleverly responds to what is consumed and is able to absorb and assimilate what it detects as nutrition and, similarly, rejects impurity. When deciding what should be favoured in your diet it is advisable to determine your dosha first. This serves as an excellent way to be mindful about your eating habits. Ayurveda also suggests that we eat in silence, allowing us to enjoy the food we eat. Distraction is the key word in this day and age with a host of media literally at our fingertips which take the focus and enjoyment away from the plate in front of us.

Fortunately there are some dosha-friendly dishes that suit all types as well as some swaps that can be made to tailor the dish to your digestion.